What is NBA 2K17 Reserved Space

NBA 2K17 reserved space is a portion of the drive’s space taken by the game. It’s used for patches and updates.

NBA 2K17 is a game that receives updates and patches to add more content or the fix issues and bugs. No matter on the used platform (PC, Xbox or PlayStation), the game claims a portion of the drive it has been installed on to use for future updates. This section is named reserved space. The most common mistake among NBA 2K17 players is to delete it as it seems to not contain any game data. Those who choose to delete it will have a bad time. The developers and the support team made it very clear that NBA 2K17 needs that section for updates and they are constantly reminding the players not to delete it.

When a new patch or update is available, NBA 2K17 will make use of its reserved space in order to hold it. This system is used in other 2K games such as WWE 2K. If the user deletes it, the game will detect that it is missing and will most likely attempt to recreate it next time it launches. The trouble is that this process might not always be successful or without consequences. Worst case scenario, the user will lose NBA 2K17 save games as some files might get corrupted. Fortunately, there is a way to recover lost files but it’s not guaranteed to work for all players. The first thing players need to do is uninstall NBA 2K17 and then start the install process.

During the installation, players will see that the game is retrieving files. It’s extremely important not to press the cancel button during this phase. Users should also not interfere with the update and information synchronization phases. If the issues persist, it might be because of the updates. Players can start a play now game, if there are any more updates a pop up saying “update required” will appear. The game will install updates. If players happen to lose virtual currency because of this issue, the support team will not give it back so the safest thing to do is to stay away from the reserved space section. Besides the tips to be needed for players, the nba 2k17 MT are also the players needed, as it can help you to buy more items, and have more chanche to get the better players, and then to help you to win the games.